General Supervisor

Speech of the General Supervisor of Amarabak International Journal of Communication Sciences


Brothers and sisters researchers in the field of media, communication and social networking ..

At the same time that scientific research has become one aspect of the educational process for the contribution of professors and researchers of research papers and the scientific conferences to provide scientific and practical scientific or practical conclusions, the size of the need for a broad framework can include all the reasons for the need to produce such research as well as the need for Journals both paper and electronic.

Amarabac International Journal of Communication Sciences is a qualitative addition in the field of scientific research and publishing in order to open up a welcome field for researchers specialized in the field of information and communication, and put researchers on the line of scientific communication and access to content as far as the researcher or reader can access it through the pages of Journals.

And Amarabac, providing researchers with the possibility of electronic publishing in a specific field and specialization became the world and preoccupied with the young and old alike because of the means of social communication from the possibility of rapid and wide participation in the service of everyone and allow the field of criticism and research at the same time.

We look forward to the addition of this scientific communication is a quantum leap in the field of scientific research, electronic and paper and the possibility of transferring this research to other networks may not know where and is not behind them, but we know that we deliver digital content through networks to researchers to put scientific journals in The reach of scientific evaluation and quality, and this is what we seek to reach through our association with the competent networks in digital content national, regional and international.

Amarabac International Journal of Communication Sciences is the product of the establishment of the Amarabac Academy-UG Germany. in Hof 95028 Hof oberfranken Through this academy, we look at the experience of training and development, which is part of the task of developing training and scientific research at the same time.

Thank you and thank you for cooperating with us in delivering the scientific research message.

International Standard Serial Number


The present edition of the ISSN Manual expands and completes the June 2012 release.

It incorporates additional instructions and examples, and includes updates to the Annexes.

Most of the additions result from:

• The need for more precise ISSN cataloguing instructions, in particular for identifying

and describing online resources which often take various and complex forms;

• The need for clear instructions about the update of ISSN metadata elements (which

elements to revise, how, and when);

• The harmonization discussions held with the RDA JSC1

 and the ISBD Review Group2


These additional instructions and examples complement the incorporation of new metadata

elements into the ISSN profile (i.e., the list of metadata elements, mandatory or optional,

supplied in ISSN records) in MARC 21 and UNIMARC. Some of these elements reflect changes in

MARC formats over the past two years, while others were necessary for providing more

complete and accurate descriptions of online resources, in particular online resources with

multiple manifestations.

The 2014 edition was prepared by the ISSN Review Group. Successive draft versions were

circulated throughout the ISSN Network between 2013 and 2014, and very useful comments

and suggestions were received.

Members of the ISSN Review Group (2012-2015)

Yassin Mohamed Abdalla            ISSN Sudan (from November 2014)

Alojz Androvic                                  ISSN Slovakia

Philippe Cantié                                ISSN France

Louise Howlett                                                ISSN United Kingdom

Beata Katrincova                             ISSN Slovakia

Dorota Laska                                     ISSN Canada (from September 2014)

Anja Mastilovic                                ISSN Bosnia and Herzegovina (from November 2014)

François-Xavier Pelegrin              ISSN International

Regina Romano-Reynolds           ISSN U.S.A

Christian Schütz                               ISSN Germany

Marja-Liisa Seppälä                        ISSN Finland

Hanna Zawado                                                ISSN Poland (from November 2014)


1- The Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (JSC) is responsible for maintaining RDA: Resource Description and

Access. JSC was previously responsible for maintenance of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR), which RDA has been

developed to replace (see

2- The ISBD Review Group is responsible for maintaining the International Standard Bibliographic Description (ISBD, see

New issue of Amarabac International Journal of Communication Sciences

The editorial board is completing the second issue of the Amarabac International Journal of Communication Sciences, which will contain five scientific researches. The research covered important issues in the field of communication, social Media and print journalism for distinguished researchers from different Arab universities, thus opening a new chapter for the magazine according to a solid scientific system. It is good that we get the registration in the influence and quality institutions of international journals.

We hope that your number will get your trust and attention