Arbitration Rules

  1. Authors of manuscripts shall receive a response within a week of submission.

  2. The editor-in-chief will select two arbitrators to review the manuscripts and select those for publication.
  3.  After the manuscript has been accepted for publication in the journal, authors must submit a copy of their research in its final form. Following this submission, the researcher may document the official acceptance of his or her research for publication in the journal.
  4. Decisions are final and cannot be reconsidered.
  5. When manuscripts are accepted, authors are not entitled to resubmit it elsewhere, until a sufficient period of time has passed. The time is determined by the editorial board of the journal and is subject to the approval of the editor-in-chief.
  6. Manuscripts will be returned to authors whether or not they are accepted for publication.

General Provisions

  1. The copyright of research selection for publication will belong to journal.
  2. Manuscripts selected for publication will be published electronically. Hard copies of the research will be produced for the authors, the editorial board, and the University advisory board. The President of the editorial board of the journal, in cooperation with the President of the Academy, will contact universities and scientific research centers to determine subscriptions, the number of copies of the research to be printed, and the prices and subscription rates.
  3. Each author shall receive one free copy of the journal in which his or her manuscript is published.
  4. Ideas expressed in manuscripts reflect the views of authors and not necessarily the journal.